Nibra White

Owner/Lead Trainer

Nibra White is one of the elite basketball skill, strength and conditioning trainers in the Greater Chicago Land Area. He has trained numerous NBA, European Professional, College, and High School Basketball players. What he presents as a basketball skill developer and strength coach is second to none. Nibra holds both his ACE and NFPT certifications as a personal trainer for the last 14 years.

William Eason

William Eason was a teacher and high school basketball head coach for 15 years. With this as his background, he began personal training two years ago and believes in a well rounded approach to fitness. He also has great group leadership skills and works well with youth as well as adults.

Jody Ellis

In high school, Jody Ellis was named to the 2003 IHSA All State team, and also earned All-State honors from the Champaign News- Gazette and Chicago Sun Times. He started his college career at the University of Illinois, and was a standout wide receiver for the Illini. Jody finished his college career at Morgan State University, where he played defensive back for the Bears. After college, Jody was a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Jody is an outstanding athlete, and an even better coach.

Justin Proctor

Justin believes well balanced nutrition and a consistent exercise routine provides a foundation for personal happiness. He helps individuals reach their fitness goals of weight loss, injury prevention/rehabilitation, and improved sports performance through increased power, speed, endurance and agility. Justin is a NASM Master Trainer, FMS Certified, holds a BA in Exercise Science and teaches mixed martial arts.

Alena Scarver

Alena has been working in the fitness industry for five years at several Chicagoland commercial gyms specializing in weight loss, kickboxing/martial arts, kettlebells and functional bodyweight training. Alena believes that as long as you have the dedication to change your life, no fitness goal is impossible. “Hard work and patience will lead you to success.”

Tara Steele

Tara Steele was involved with sports ever since high school. After that she joined the Army and began to take her workouts seriously and started helping friends and co-workers with their fitness goals. Tara received her Certified Personal Training Certification in 2011 through the National Academy of Sports. She loves helping clients reach their goals which truly inspires her.

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